Super william turns one!

Happy birthday

For those that don't know, this sweet little boy was a NICU who put up one hell of a fight! So it's only fitting that his birthday theme is super hero's!

Getting started

Like all of my cake smashes we started with a photo opp of the

birthday boy with his parents!

cake time

And then we jumped right into the cake. Anytime I book a cake smash I always warn the parents that their little has a 50/50 shot at actually enjoying the cake, they'll either LOVE it or HATE it. Luckily this sweetheart enjoyed every minute of it.

Tiny superheroes

One of the coolest things about our session was William's cape. William's cape is from "TinySuperhero". This super cool "growing a community

that lifts each other up and makes every TinySuperhero in the world feel strong, able,

and proud of the qualities that make them Extraordinary"

Highly recommend checking them out at: