Early Mornings

For those who don't know.. I am the BIGGEST harry potter nerd. When Eliana's mom messaged me saying she was interested in a cake smash session with a harry potter theme I couldn't respond back fast enough with all of the ideas I had! We planned this session for an early Saturday morning at Tandy Hills (one of my most favorite places to shoot). We literally couldn't have planned it any better because we got there at the same time. We parked, unloaded our cars, and headed off to one of my favorite areas that the hills have to offer to start out with some sweet pics of Eliana and mom!

Mischief Managed

After pics with mom and a quick outfit change (into the cutest harry potter outfit I have ever seen) we got a couple of shots with Eliana and the books that brought on this obsession that her mom and I have!

Y'all! I can't even with this cake. It made the session 100x's better!


As you can tell from the colors Eliana's house is none other than Gryffindor. Elie's mom had the coolest Harry Potter collection that I've ever seen. She brought a chocolate frog, the sorting hat, Haggard, and glasses (that sweet girl was not going to wear).

The level of cuteness in this session is unreal! Eliana doesn't know it yet, but she's a future Harry Potter nerd too!

Happy 1st birthday to this little wizard!

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