Austyn's happy bee-day photo shoot was one for the books!

I've known Ms. Austyn's parents for years now. Since middle school to be exact! When I found out Shanin was expecting I was over the moon excited for this soon to be family of three! This time last year we were actually shooting Shanin's maternity session (LOL on Super Bowl Sunday but that's a story for another day)

This sweet girl is the perfect combination of Shanin and Tyler! She is so loving, (seriously y'all she would crawl to me and give me a huge bear hug while I was trying to take her picture) always on the move, and just so funny! So grateful to be apart of baby girl's fist birthday photos!

Ms. Austyn is a very vocal baby who was always one the move. Who happens to also be the best hug giver! (guys seriously it was the cutest thing ever. I'd have her all set up for the photo, scoot back to take the shot, and this little cutie would crab crawl right over to me and hug my neck!) I'm not sure if she was unsure about the cake or unsure about getting messy but it took her a second to get into the whole "cake smash." In fact, Dad had to step in and help her get messy! (tyler literally shoved her face in the cake! He would find out later at sweet girls birthday what it feels like to get your face shoved in cake LOL!)

I figured it was only fitting to display some of Ms. Austyn's favorite faces in a bee hive collage! Happy Bee-Day sweet girl!