Adventure session pt. 1

Couples Truck session with Lacie + Ryan

something new

Lately I have been in a huge rut photography wise. Burn out, maybe.. I'm not sure but I hadn't been feeling my camera. I stopped booking sessions and only did photos when my friends reached out to me. About a month ago I realized that I missed my camera and a spark lite. I then decided that I would build a Pinterest board of session that I'd love to do, make an "idea page" on Canva, post about it and offer the sessions for free. Thus, this couples truck session was born and it was EVERYTHING that I wanted it to be.

After I posted it Lacie messaged me asking for info on the truck session and I was pumped!

I am obsessed with this session and how it all turned out!

The best part about this session other than I am obsessed with it... is that it lite the spark I was hoping it would.